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People Tracing

Peopletracing is a subsidiary of Global Investigations Ltd. We now offer: No trace, No fee payable!

People tracing UK deals in tracing anyone, be it a family member, friend or any person whom you wish to locate. It also has a service which traces debtors. People tracing is cost effective and has various methods to support the needs of the person.

Simply fill in your request online and pay an amount in the range of £65.00 to £85.00* excluding VAT (*services vary) for us to begin investigations. People tracing will also find missing people outside of the UK. The service is completely legitimate and works under the guidelines of the Government. If we cannot trace or find a person we will not charge you anything. During the company’s 60 years of combined experience it has successfully traced over 200,000 missing people with an accuracy rate of over 60%, be it long lost relatives or friends etc.

The banks faced huge losses during the economic downturn in the UK facing a huge challenge where they lost a lot of money as people went missing. In such a case, People tracing UK ran a search through its various programs and helped trace absconded debtors and it has successfully traced many a fraudulent party.

People tracing works alongside many other organizations where they find missing people in other countries apart from the UK. It has ventured with various agencies in Europe, USA, the Middle East, Asia and many far flung locations.

Please see our Words of Advice in our Service menu which explains how most agencies in the UK are dealing with just old information from databases whereas we deal with facts and new addresses.

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People Tracing

People Tracing
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