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What Role does a Process Server Play in Court?

what is process server in court

When it comes to legal proceedings, the role of process servers is often overlooked. However, their importance cannot be understated. Process servers play a crucial function in ensuring due process and facilitating a fair legal process. As a professional process server company, we understand the significance of their work and the impact it has on […]

Do Process Servers Call From Blocked Numbers?

do process servers call from blocked numbers

Process serving is a crucial function of the legal system, ensuring that individuals and entities are notified of legal actions against them. However, the process of serving legal documents can often be complex and challenging, requiring process servers to be resourceful and innovative in their methods. One common question that arises in relation to process […]

What To Do if a Process Server Didn’t Actually Serve You

process server did not serve me

If you have found yourself in a situation where a process server did not serve you with legal documents, it can be overwhelming. The process of serving legal papers is an essential part of the judicial system, and it is crucial to ensure the delivery of these documents is done correctly. There are steps you […]

How Long Does a Process Server Have to Serve Papers?

how long does a process server have to serve papers

As professional process servers, we understand the importance of adhering to legal requirements when serving court documents. One common question that arises in the process serving industry is how long a process server has to serve papers. The answer varies depending on the jurisdiction and specific legal requirements, but in this section, we will explore […]

What are the Duties of a Process Server?

what are the duties of a process server

As professional process servers, we understand the important role that process servers play in the legal system. These individuals are responsible for serving legal documents and court orders to individuals involved in a case, ensuring that due process is followed. In this section, we will explore the duties and responsibilities of a process server and […]

Do Legitimate Process Servers Have Badges?

do process servers have badges

As professional process servers, we often receive questions about the process serving industry and the requirements for process servers to perform their duties. One common question that arises is whether legitimate process servers are required to have badges. Firstly, it is important to understand that process servers are individuals who deliver legal documents, such as […]

Are Process Servers Legally Allowed to Trespass?

can process servers trespass

As professional process servers, we understand the importance of legal compliance in all aspects of the legal system. In this article, we will explore the question of whether or not process servers are legally allowed to trespass. We will examine the legislation and rights pertaining to this question to provide a comprehensive understanding of the […]

Can a Process Server Serve a Family Member Instead of the Target?

can process server serve family member

Welcome to our exploration of the question of whether a process server can serve a family member instead of the intended target. As professional process servers, we understand the complexities and nuances surrounding this issue and aim to provide clear insights. Legal matters can be challenging and stressful for everyone involved. At such times, it […]

Top 10 Reasons a Process Server Might be Looking for You

why would a process server be looking for me

If you suddenly notice an unfamiliar person lurking around your home or workplace, they may not be a suspicious stranger – it could be a process server trying to locate and deliver legal documents specifically to you. Process servers are professional agents appointed by the court to “serve” or formally deliver legal notices, summons, subpoenas, […]

How Much do International Process Servers Usually Make?

how much does a process server make

If you’re considering a career as an international process server, one of the first questions you may have is about the potential earnings. While the answer may vary depending on a range of factors, there are some general trends to be aware of that can help you make an informed decision. As with any job, […]