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There are a few “tracing companies” out there who may charge you lesser amounts for a simple “electronic” or “database search”, but this nearly always proves unreliable as the information is solely reliant on it being accurate and up-to-date by the data entry person who entered it or the software package it came on, and does not provide real confirmation as this date is at best 18months old, also as the electoral or “voters” roll is now (since 2002)allowing an option to opt out the amount of voters on the databases have nearly halved and is currently estimated at 59%.

We will use our agents all over the UK to verify the most up-to-date, current and correct address, they will use all available databases but crucially they will also apply there professional and in occasions local level experience to find the subjects and if we have to go out to the address we will and we can, if you require us to make further enquires or to even provide pictures or video we can.

We of course remain completely confidential and discreet in all our enquires.

A local investigator with local knowledge will work your case and positive results will be confirmed for us for you within hours if needed.

If any of the information we provide proves to be inaccurate we will happily re-check the details for you free of charge, provided that you notify us within 60 days of the completion date. If we are unable to confirm any different information we will gladly refund your original completion cost, and gladly look at your case free of charge.

We are officially registered members of the Credit Services Association and the Association of British Investigators and all of our work is regulated by our own strict policy guidelines as well as the Office of Fair Trading, which encompasses the Criminal Justice Act and the Data Protection Act.

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People Tracing
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