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People Tracing

For a domestic residential trace we offer three different speeds of trace, at three different competitively priced fees. All traces will be undertaken by an experienced investigator who is also designated to your particular case. The cost for a positive trace as follows:

  • Standard trace: £65.00 + VAT (within15 days service)
  • Express trace: £75.00 + VAT ( 24 - 48 HRS service)
  • Superfast trace: £85.00 + VAT ( 8HR turnaround service )

Typically our trace reports will include a home address, contact telephone numbers (unless they are not listed or ex-directory) and any additional information that the agent comes across during the course of the trace.

Employer tracing

We also offer the same service if you wish to confirm a subject's current employment details - just make sure you select the appropriate option when you submit the trace request. (we suggest that the trace is not asked to be done in a short periods of time)

Tracing Abroad

On all international tracing we are well regarded in our industry for our expertise in resolving cases that other agents simply do not have the resources for.

We achieve results abroad that quite simply other agents do not, and our international presence enables us to offer far more than any other UK or European agency.

We have bi-lingual agents based here at our offices and many affiliations with overseas companies our success rates are matching our UK achievements and we have very proficient relationships with our agents in cities across the world.

Tracing Abroad Costs

To trace someone abroad we will require an Initial payment which is £40+ VAT to start with.

Before submitting the trace, please get in contact so we can negotiate the time scale needed and the final payment amount which will be required when and if the trace is positive.

Asset checks and Pre sue Status enquires

We are also able to provide a more detailed service for people who require more in-depth information on their subject, known as a Super in depth pre sue report.

The report will additionally include a full background check: a verification of the subject's residential status including a visit to their neighbourhood by one of our agents and details of property ownership;a verification of the subject's financial circumstances including credit indications and bankruptcy checks and in-depth employment details.

Please click here to download a PDF copy of a sample report. The cost of this service is £250 + VAT and you will receive the report within 15 working days. We also regularly undertake many smaller status checks on subjects where the level of debt may not be so high or the expenditure too much to check. We undertake these daily and an average price for these checks is set at around £95.00 plus VAT.

Vetting Services

If you are an employer and require vetting services please visit our sister site: www.advancedvetting.com where checks normally required in employment industry are undertaken.

All of our trace results, both positive and negative, will be either telephoned over or emailed within the timeframe agreed or contact will be made with you and your advise given if proceeding.

Written results can also be sent out on request but may obviously take more time. A copy of a Status Report will be sent out electronically to you within the timeframe.


If you have any further questions please click on the FAQs button to view answers to our Frequently Asked Questions. If you would like to discuss your requirements further feel free to contact us and we will be happy to talk to you (office hours), as we understand that every case is different and our helpful customer service team will be happy to provide you with any advice that may be needed.

Alternatively, if you're happy to deal with this electronically and wish to proceed with a trace please submit your request on-line via our Easitrace form where you can pay by credit/debit card, giving as much detail as possible on your subject.

Details on subjects of Investigations

Examples of such information are a full name, last known addresses and any additional details that may aid us, such as a date of birth and employment details. Payment can then be taken either on-line via Pay Pal or, if you prefer, we are also able to accept credit card payments over the telephone.

However, please note that payments over the telephone can only be taken during office hours, Monday - Friday.


We now only operate on a No trace. No fee basis and that means we will find your subject or it won't cost you a penny if we do not locate them. Once the new details are verified by our team and the information is ready to be issued, we will be in contact and then require payment.

We highly recommend using our on-line service or calling us and pay over the phone, but if you would like to pay by cheque please send your request by post with a cheque made payable to "Global Investigations Ltd". However, please note that paying by cheque will add up to approximately 10 working days to the speed of your trace as we will have to wait for your cheques to arrive and for your initial payment to clear before we can start the trace. Once we have confirmed a positive result we will have to wait for the additional payment to clear before we can provide the details. Contact us if you require more information.

Our guarantee to you

If any of the information we provide proves to be inaccurate we will happily re-check the details for you free of charge, provided that you notify us within 60 days of the completion date. If we are unable to confirm any different information or to be unable to further retrace the subject then we will gladly refund your total expenditure cost.

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People Tracing

People Tracing
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