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Do we carry out traces for corporate clients?
Yes. This site is for the use of individuals wishing to privately search for an individual - please visit our sister site, Global Investigations, at www.tracing.com if you are a business interested in mulltiple trace work.


How long does a trace take?

Speed Length of time
Economy 20 days
Standard 10 days
Express 24-48 hours

Depending on the speed of service requested, traces are usually completed within the following time frames, although they can sometimes be completed sooner. We will commence the trace as soon as your initial payment has cleared (if you choose to pay by cheque please note that this may add up to approximately 10 working days to the time frame of your trace as we will have to wait for your payments to arrive by post and to clear). For a Status Report, the report will be completed within 10 working days. In all cases, the positive or negative report will be telephoned over once the trace is complete. If you require an overseas trace we will negociate the time scale that suits you best, and which gives us enough time to complete our enquiries abroad, before we commence the trace.

What details are required to trace an individual?
The subject's full name and last known address are the key details required. Any other additional information you may have on the subject (such as a date of birth, past employment details, details of family and friends, last known bank details, an idea of the area you believe they have moved to, etc) is always worth submitting. Obviously, the more information we have, the quicker the trace and the more likely we are to produce a positive result.

Will the traced individual be aware that they are being traced?
No, unless you specify otherwise.

What kind of information can I expect to recieve?
For a residential trace, an address accompanied by background details in line with your original brief to us. If you requested an employment trace, we will provide either details of benefits and/or unemployement status or the name and address of their current employer. Telephone numbers can usually be supplied, unless they are not listed or ex-directory. For a Status Report, we will ususally also include details regarding your subjects financial situation, including CCJs, bankruptcy details and indepth employment verification, and their residential status, including land registry deatils, property ownership and a report from one of our agents who will visit the area.

Will I be charged if the subject is still living or working as stated?
Yes, as we will have verified that the details provided were correct, and as our agents will still have had to go through the same processes in order to confirm this. Re-confirming information often involves even more work for our agents but the fee is still the same!

How can I pay?
We highly recommend paying using our on-line form with your credit/debit card or PayPal account as your payment will clear instantly and we can start the trace straight away. Alternatively, if you prefer, we can take your credit or debit card payment over the telephone. Once the trace is completed and we require an additional payment we will send you an email which will contain a link to a secure payment page on the Paypal website for the second payment, or we will contact you to take the second payment over the telephone. You can send in a cheque if you prefer but we will have to wait for your cheques to arrive and for your payments to clear before we can start the trace and before we can give you a positive result. As a result this will add up to approximately 10 working days to the time frame of your trace.

What happens if the trace is negative?
As when the trace is positive, we will telephone over the negative result. If this is the case you can be assured that all would have been done to avoid this. You will have no additional payment to make but we will keep the initial payment of just for administration costs. We do always suggest re-submitting a negative trace to be re-worked at a later date when it is often possible to get a positive result.

What happens if the subject is living abroad?
If you submit a residential trace but our experienced investigators are able to trace your subject living abroad, the additional payment required will be more than the completion payment amount originally agreed. We will get in contact to advise you of the additional costs involved before completing the trace.

Can I expect any additional information?
Yes. If our agents come across any other information which may be of use to you whilst tracing this will be included in the trace report.

What if I require multiple traces or specific extra information?
We are also able to provide details of property ownership, credit and bankruptcy records, assets, lifestyle and electoral roll searches. Please contact the office if you require any of the above to negociate any additional costs or discounts.

What if the information supplied appears to be incorrect?
If you notify us of any errors within 60 days of the trace completion date, we will be more than happy to re-check the information for you free of charge, and refund you your fee if we are mistaken in any information.

What are our success rates?
Our average success rate is 70-85%, although certain types of trace have an even higher rate of positive traces. Please contact us if you require more detailed information.

What is my first move?
If you would like to commence a domestic residential or employment trace please submit your request via our on-line Easitrace form
We highly recommend using our on-line system, however you can send us a letter detailing the subject you wish to trace (see the above question "What details are required to trace an individual?") accompanied by your contact details.
We will commence the trace the following day after the information gets to us

If you would like to commence an overseas residential or employment trace please contact us to negotiate a completion fee and time frame, which will depend on the scope of trace required.
You may then submit the trace as detailed above, but we will require an initial fee. If you have any queries please do not hesitate to contact our friendly customer service team to discuss your trace further (see Contacts page).

What is our ethical policy?
We are officially registered members of the Credit Services Association and the Association of British Investigators and all of our work is regulated by our own strict policy guidelines as well as the Office of Fair Trading, which encompasses the Criminal Justice Act and the Data Protection Act.

What is our track record?
As well as private traces, we carry out trace work for many big name high street lenders, banks and building societies, major sollicitors, local authorities, insurance companies and the like. Please contact us if you require more detailed references. To date, we have supplied over 100,000 positive traces for various clients. We fully understand that in all circumstances our clients need accurate information from intelligent and thorough investigations.


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